A Doll's House Part 2

By Ken Ludwig | Directed by Kevin Stausbaugh
Showings: May 4-5, 11-12, 18-19 at 7 p.m.
May 6, 13 & 20 at 2 p.m.

“The Fox on the Fairway” is a comedic play written by Ken Ludwig that combines elements of farce and golf. The play is set at the Quail Valley Country Club, a prestigious golf club, and revolves around the annual grudge golf tournament between rival clubs, Quail Valley and Crouching Squirrel. The main character, Henry Bingham, is the club manager of Quail Valley and is determined to win the tournament to secure a valuable sponsorship deal.

However, chaos ensues as various quirky characters become entangled in a series of misunderstandings and mishaps, both on and off the golf course. Love affairs, mistaken identities, and a missing engagement ring add to the frenetic pace of the play. The audience is treated to a fast-paced, slapstick comedy filled with witty one-liners and physical humor.

As the play unfolds, the characters must navigate the challenges of the golf tournament while dealing with personal and professional crises. Throughout the chaos, the play explores themes of love, friendship, competition, and the unpredictability of life.

“The Fox on the Fairway” is known for its sharp humor, colorful characters, and absurd situations, making it an entertaining and lighthearted theatrical experience that combines the world of golf with the zany world of farce.