From stage hands to director to the lighting designer, we need your support!


Volunteer for an Upcoming Show

Keizer Homegrown Theatre is a volunteer community theater, with no paid staff. From actors to production staff, we couldn’t put on a performance without our wonderful volunteers.

We welcome all skill levels so if you see something you think would be fun, or have a special talent, let us know. Fill out a volunteer application and return it via email and we’ll put you to work!

To volunteer or get more information, please email our volunteer coordinator.

Volunteer Positions


Open auditions are held for each production. Previous acting experience is not required. Actors must attend all rehearsals and performances. We do not use understudies.

If you’re most interested in being an actor, please fill out an audition application.

Assistant Director (AD)

Serves as assistant to the director, attends all rehearsals and fills in for any missing crew person during the run of the show.

Box Office

Arrives one hour before the performance and works on the laptop to sell tickets.


Arrives one hour before the performance, sells snacks, and monitors the art gallery.


Costume Designers work with the director to select costumes for the show, which may involve pulling costumes from storage, buying clothes from stores and secondhand shops, altering clothes, and sewing costumes from scratch.

*Sewing skills are helpful but not required. 

Dressers work with the costume designer to organize and prepare wardrobes during the show. You will help actors with quick changes, organize costumes between shows and help launder or repair costumes.

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Directors have responsibility for the practical and creative interpretation of a dramatic script or musical score. You’ll be involved in the whole process, from the design and pre-production stages, right through to the final performance. You’ll work closely with creative and production teams, performers, and the producer to create a performance that connects with the audience. You’ll therefore need to be able to coordinate effectively across a range of disciplines and with artistic vision.

House Manager

Oversees the lobby and all patron areas during performances, and is available for audience emergencies. The house manager is responsible for staffing box office and concession volunteers.

Lighting Designer

Works with the director to create the proper lighting effects for the show. Design work is done before the beginning of tech week. This person hangs and focuses the lights. If necessary the designer will train a volunteer to run the light/sound board.

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Lighting Technician

Works in the light booth during the last two weeks of rehearsals and at each performance to execute the lighting cues. Often the sound and lighting technician is the same person. You will be trained to run the light/sound board.


 Plays for some rehearsals and all performances.


Documents the journey of the production. The photographer takes headshots, publicity shots, and pictures of a dress rehearsal.

Poster Distribution

Once during the run of each production, you will get a list of addresses from the volunteer coordinator and pass out posters to be posted on windows of local businesses. Bring tape and tacks.

Properties (PROPS)

Works with the director and stage manager in deciding which props will be used. This may involve pulling props from our storage and/or locating props elsewhere. You will need to be on call during performances to fix any broken props.

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Set Construction

Help build and paint sets under the direction of the tech director.

*Carpentry skills are helpful but not necessary.

Set Decorator

This person is responsible for designing and securing all items needed to decorate the set that are not considered to be stage props.

Sound Designer

Works with the director to create any sound effects and music that will be used during the show. This usually includes recording music and sound effects from sound libraries.

Stage Crew

Duties as assigned by the stage manager. May include: moving set pieces on and off stage, organizing, presetting, and putting away props. Must be present during the last two weeks of rehearsals and at each performance.

Stage Manager (SM)

Selects the crew members and supervises the cast and crew during rehearsals and performances. The SM has many other responsibilities, including communicating actor expectations, giving line cues for rehearsals off book, and filling in for missing actors. SM must attend production meetings, rehearsals, and performances.

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Technical Director (TD)

The Technical Director (TD) oversees the physical production elements.

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Documents the journey of the production. Videographer documents a couple of rehearsals, cast interviews, and at least one performance.

To volunteer or get more information, please email our volunteer coordinator.